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postheadericon Go on a Fun Island Adventure With Journey 2

Just when you though that filmmakers couldn’t squeeze another ounce of fun out of the Journey series the Rock comes in. This, with a cast of youthful faces, made the Journey 2 an awesome adventure for many fans.

The Rock has been in lots of movies. Most of them are PG13. Every now and then he slips a PG movie under his belt to take care of the demands of his loyal youthful fan base. So far this chemistry has worked because the Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson is making millions at Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Three High School Students Get Super Powers in Chronicle

When people take a look at the Chronicle trailer they are instantly blown away by how cool this concept seems. There are no big stars to carry the movie, but it still moves along all the same. The fact that these seemingly regular guys have superpowers is a super concept that lots of teenagers are falling for.

The reason this movie rocks is because it is not your everyday flick. It’s what one might refer to as a hybrid. It isn’t a superhero movie where people are expected to fly. It also isn’t a regular Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Rachel McAdams Remembers How to Love in The Vow

Could you imagine forgetting the person that you love the most? Could you imagine being in a world where the things you hold so dear are a distant memory? This is where The Vow takes you. Rachel McAdams has done a wonderful job in making you believe that this is actually happening.

McAdams is probably most well known for her role in the Nicholas Sparks movie The Notebook. From there she has rose to fame to play along side huge Hollywood stars like Robert Downey, Jr. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Liam Neeson Shows His Survivor Skills in The Grey

“The Grey,” which stars Liam Neeson, deals with a middle aged, alpha male lead who is trying to lead a group of survivors through wolf infested Alaska after their plane goes down. The setup is pretty straightforward, and any film that offers such an unapologetic line to start things off with is going to have a lot of testosterone to live up to. Fortunately in that respect “The Grey” is a fantastic action film that shows it really doesn’t take much at Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Sam Worthington is Outstanding in Man on a Ledge

The film Man on a Ledge is now available on DVD for those who missed it while it was in theaters. The film stars Sam Worthington as Nick Cassidy, an ex-cop who in an attempt to clear his name climbs onto the ledge of a hotel and threatens to jump. The film has several great twists and turns as we figure out why Nick taken to such extreme measures. Sam Worthington turns in another great performance as the conflicted Cassidy. He plays the character very well by showing the conflict he’s going through as an ex-cop who Read the rest of this entry »

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