postheadericon Rachel McAdams Remembers How to Love in The Vow

Could you imagine forgetting the person that you love the most? Could you imagine being in a world where the things you hold so dear are a distant memory? This is where The Vow takes you. Rachel McAdams has done a wonderful job in making you believe that this is actually happening.

McAdams is probably most well known for her role in the Nicholas Sparks movie The Notebook. From there she has rose to fame to play along side huge Hollywood stars like Robert Downey, Jr. and Harrison Ford. This time McAdams holds her own in the world of mystery that comes with forgetfulness. People that are dying to see a romantic love story will take to The Vow.

The movie was released in theaters on Valentines Day. It got the attention of tons of movie lovers and now these same fans get to relive the experience all over again with the DVD release. It really is a wonderful love story that is being told in a superior fashion. It’s a based on a true story that has come to live with a superb cast. This moves the film from reality to box office smash. The Vow is real gem.

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